Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i just what i am

Salam semua dan ceria2 selalu okey ... alhamdulillah~

fuhhh.. dah bace tajuk kat ats 2... haa, i just what i am...
menatang apekah itu kan ? for me, i only me, cant be another else..
buat ape nak tiru gaye orang kalau diri sendiri xselesa dengan keadaan tersebut kan ...
haa sudohhh !haha
just for me only :
dont think another burden outside, but seat and think bout what i be within next 3 year ...
wink2... its not a long journey, just around the corner ... waiting3 !
Insyaallah, Allah will be to us when we want Him~

P/S: xperlu menjadi orang lain sedangkan the reality is we not ourself, think about it Cik Ros~

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